LiftKar powered stairclimber


Randy's Mom, LLC is an authorized dealer of this battery powered, portable, attendant operated stair climber designed to aid the transportation of people up and down stairs, indoors and outside.

We are a MobilityLifter authorized dealer for North Carolina.



The brands you want. Disposable and cloth diapers, briefs, pullups, underwear for infants, toddlers, youth, and adults. Booster pads, liners, and bed pads.

We can source just about any brand for you, so your child can wear a nice-fitting diaper that keeps him or her dry.


enteral, ostomy, adapted devices & equipment


Enteral nutrition, ostomy and wound care.

Commercial formula or blended diet, whatever works best for you.

High quality ostomy and catheter supplies.

Adaptive devices and aids for daily living. That's any product or device that makes your life easier!


We accept Medicaid and can assist with funding any item that is not typically covered by Medicaid.